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What makes the perfect engagement ring? Is it the ring or the stone? Maybe it's the color scheme more than the material choice. It could also be the size, fit, design, weight, etc. There are many things to consider when picking out the perfect engagement ring. One thing to keep in mind is your budget, but what we’re going to focus on is the style of the various rings that you will come across.

The style of cut

If you’re looking for an engagement ring in Houston TX, then the first thing to consider is the style of cut.

Round: The classic round cut is sublime. It's usually going to be a cut that allows the light to remain in the stone for longer, creating a very bright sparkle.

Princess: Fit for royalty, this cut is square and the light is captured great from all sides and funneled into the center due to the pyramid shaping.

Cushion: This cut has soft corners and it has an outer layer cut encompassing a great center cut. It can go well with bands that are straighter around the edges as it brings a nice contrast.

Emerald: A large rectangular shape with many facets and angles. It creates plenty of clarity and is a real statement. Everybody notices this unique shape due to its unique step cut in the stone.

Oval: It focuses on lifting up the carat of the stone, which can sometimes give it an appearance of a much larger stone. The oval cut relies on the pure quality of the stone due to a slimmer cut.

Marquise: For the elegantly dainty finger, this sharper oval-style cut also relies on the sheer quality of the stone. Done correctly, it's one of the best styles around.

Custom: Diamond rings for women are not hemmed into just these choices of cut. With the right craftsmanship and a detailed eye, each custom made ring can bring out the beauty of each shape of the diamond.

Style of band

Of course, there are the classic styles of bands that you will probably know. Most wedding rings for women have a curved edge and some have an elegant oval style.

The oval: This band has rounded edges but is thinner than the classic curved band. It also has a thinner, elegant design at the crown. This gives the stone all the attention it deserves.

Square: The sharp straight lines of the band are for a larger finger and perhaps a larger stone. It's a traditional band design for gold band lovers.

Round: Simply a round band that can be contoured to fit your finger. The edges are slightly curved but it can be more square if you like.

Custom ring process

The best engagement rings are custom-made. We make engagement rings to the exact dimensions, style and metal choices that our clients want. We know that each ring is special, so we will run you through the process of style, stone, band, and metal selection. Once all the ideas are laid out, we will get to work and keep you updated on the progress as your ring enters and passes each stage.

We would love nothing more than to be part of your special moment.

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