Currently, lab grown diamonds are one of the hottest trends in the engagement ring market now. Instead of sourcing diamonds from mines around the world, we create these diamonds under high pressure in controlled conditions, creating rocks that are often more flawless and beautiful than those that occur naturally.

What are Lab-Created Diamonds?

If you have been looking for lab grown diamonds, you will have no doubt encountering lab grown diamond engagement rings in Houston, TX. Also known as engineered diamonds, synthetic diamonds and man made diamonds, these incredible jewels are made by recreating the conditions that create regular diamonds from carbon in the Earth’s crust.

Lab grown diamonds are made from tiny carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds. Manufacturers use extreme pressure and heat (a deposition process called CVD) to recreate the conditions that cause natural diamonds to form in deep rocks. Over a short period of time, diamonds “grow” from these seeds, having all of the visual and strength properties of their natural counterparts.

 What Are Lab Grown Diamond Rings?

How Diamond Simulants Differ

Diamond simulants are stones that look like diamonds but are not true diamonds. Moissanite and cubic zirconia are good examples.

Unlike lab grown diamonds, simulants do not have the same chemical properties as diamonds. Often, you can tell the difference between real diamonds and simulants with the naked eye. With that, prices for simulants tend to be substantially lower.

What Types Of Lab Diamonds Rings Are There?

The great thing about lab diamonds is that manufacturers have precision control over their appearance. Many diamonds are clear - just like quintessential natural diamonds. However, technicians can also add other trace elements to the process to create diamonds of different colors.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Near Me The Same As Natural Diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are virtually the same as natural diamonds and are almost identical to the naked eye. To distinguish the difference between a lab grown diamond and a regular diamond, you need special equipment. There are, however, some slight differences on the microscopic level, including the arrangement of crystals, the number of imperfections, and trace elements within the natural diamonds.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Near Me The Same As Natural Diamonds?

Styles Of Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

There are many styles of lab grown diamond engagement ring cuts available. These include:

Emerald : featuring a large rectangular stone with many angles

Oval : which lifts the carat of the stone, making it appear much larger

Round : a classic diamond cut that emphasizes the stone’s natural sparkle

Princess : a square cut that funnels light inside the stone, towards a central pyramid

Marquise: a sharp-oval style cut emphasizes the beauty and elegance of the stone, suitable for slender fingers

We believe in making custom lab grown diamond engagement rings in Houston, TX. If you have a specific style in mind, get in touch with us today.

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