Sol Diamonds, Inc. offers the highest quality lab-grown diamonds in Houston, TX. Lab-grown diamonds blaze the engagement ring market. We craft these gems under pressure, often yielding more perfect and stunning stones than nature.

What are Laboratory-Created Diamonds?

Lab-created diamonds in Houston Texas, also known as engineered, synthetic diamonds in Houston, TX, man-made diamonds Houston TX, or cultured diamonds in Houston, TX, are chemically and optically identical to natural ones. They cost less and come in various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings in Houston, TX, offer an affordable alternative to mined stones. Manufacturers use CVD (a deposition process) to recreate the conditions forming regular diamonds underground. This creates tiny carbon seeds of pre-existing diamonds, which "grow" into full jewels with all their natural counterparts' visual and strength properties - but at a fraction of the price!

 What Are Lab Grown Diamond Rings?

Diamond Simulants vs. Natural Diamonds

Diamond simulants are stones that look like diamonds but are not true diamonds. Moissanite and cubic zirconia are good examples.

Unlike diamonds grown in labs, simulants do not have the same chemical properties as diamonds. Often, you can tell the difference between natural diamonds and simulants with the naked eye. With that, prices for simulants tend to be substantially lower.

What Types Of Lab Diamond Rings Are There?

Lab diamonds offer precise control over their look. Clear ones mimic natural diamonds, but technicians can also add trace elements to create colored stones.

Are Laboratory-Grown Diamonds, The Same As Natural Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds mimic natural ones, indistinguishable to the naked eye. Special equipment is needed to tell them apart. Microscopically, though, slight differences exist, like crystal arrangement, imperfections, and trace elements in natural diamonds.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Near Me The Same As Natural Diamonds?

Styles Of Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

There are many styles of lab-grown diamond engagement ring cuts available. These include:

Emerald : featuring a large rectangular stone with many angles

Oval :which lifts the carat of the stone, making it appear much larger

Round : a classic diamond cut that emphasizes the stone’s natural sparkle

Princess : a square cut that funnels light inside the stone towards a central pyramid

Marquise: a sharp-oval style cut emphasizes the beauty and elegance of the stone, suitable for slender fingers

Expert Facts About Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds.

They are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

Prices for lab-grown diamonds can be up to 40% lower than mined diamonds of the same quality.

Houston is home to several reputable jewelers specializing in lab-grown diamond jewelry.

You can expect excellent customer service when shopping for lab-grown diamond jewelry in Houston, TX.

Many stores offer custom design services so you can create your unique piece of jewelry with a lab-grown diamond at its center.

The majority of retailers will provide certification from an independent gemological laboratory that verifies the authenticity and quality of the stone you purchase.

You may be surprised by how affordable, high-quality lab-grown diamonds can be compared to their mined counterparts!

Lab-grown diamonds cost up to 40% less than mined diamonds of similar quality.

The 4 C's (cut, color, clarity & carat weight) still apply when selecting lab-grown diamonds.

We make custom lab-grown diamond engagement rings in Houston, TX. If you have a specific style in mind, contact us today.

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