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A certificate tells a small part of the story, but seeing a loose diamond in super zoom lets you get to know your diamond.

Design your Engagement ring by choosing perfect loose diamond.

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Select your preferred diamond shape and narrow down your options by factors such as carat, color, clarity, certificate, or by budget. We have a wide selection of diamonds matching your specifications. So choose a loose diamond of your choice and match it with a beautiful ring setting in the precious metal of your choice.

Loose Diamonds HOUSTON TX

Gain access to one of the largest inventories of loose diamonds in the US! Our goal is to have the diamond quality, carat weight, and shape that you are looking for. At Sol Diamonds, you can shop confidently knowing that our loose diamond selection is vast and meets the highest standards.

Buying loose diamonds in Houston will be a delightful experience, when you shop at Sol Diamonds. We are in the ‘Diamond District’, just minutes away from downtown. We take time to get to know each client, which helps us determine the best way to find the perfect diamond. The service that we provide to our clientele is highly-personalized and grounded in transparency that allows trust and relationships to flourish. It is our immense pleasure to sit with our clients and extend to them our undivided attention. When it comes to loose diamonds, it is critical for the jeweler to understand your wants, needs, and budget – and that is what we always strive to do.

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Aside from our exceptional customer service, our selection ranges from white diamonds to fancy yellow diamonds. We also have a wide variety of loose certified round brilliant cuts, loose certified oval cut diamonds, and other fancy shapes. We strive in every way to exceed our client’s expectations with our diamond selection, and by offering a full line of jewelry services to meet everyone’s needs.

Diamond Cut Buy diamonds in Houston

Buying a certified loose diamond, versus one that has already been set into a mounting offers our clients a variety of benefits. First, you have the freedom to handpick your ideal diamond. Each is unique, like a snowflake; no two are alike. When you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll find diamonds that fit within your specifications and budget. We always encourage clients to take all the time they need to closely examine the diamonds side-by-side and under high-powered magnification. As mentioned, our loose diamonds are certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and each comes with an official certificate. Another delightful benefit of buying a loose diamond, is that they can be looked at from all angles.

Quality And Vast Selection

At Sol Diamonds, our excellent reputation means everything to us. We put forth every effort to ensure that we are dependable and always keep our promises. This is one of the many reasons why our clients keep coming back to us continuously. They know they can trust us, as well as the quality and vast selection of loose diamonds we provide. Our clients also know that they can entrust their jewelry to us, knowing that it will be secure and well-cared. We offer services such as custom jewelry design and creation, jewelry repair, diamond and gemstone polishing, and engraving. We stand behind every diamond we sell and the extraordinary craftsmanship of all our fine jewelry pieces. Our deepest desire is for our clients to be completely satisfied with all the work we do for them.

Buy Loose Diamonds In Houston, TX

Our personalized service when you buy loose diamonds in Houston, we hope you will think of Sol Diamonds first. We are confident in our selection and know that if you come and see us, you will quickly discover there is no need to look further for your diamond buying or custom jewelry design needs. Relationships are important to us. By taking the extra time to know our client, we gain a clear understanding of the jewelry they desire. Our personalized service, loose diamond selection, and jewelry services set us apart from the rest. We invite you to call and schedule your appointment today and experience Sol Diamonds for yourself. We look forward to getting to know you!

Certified DIAMONDS

Every loose diamond at SOL Diamonds is conflict-free, perfectly cut, and certified by GIA, AGS, or IGI. You can view them along with loose diamonds on our website.

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Diamond Education

We select and grade diamonds individually based on its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Learn more about our standard grading system to choose the best diamond.

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